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In the web space of the Department of translation and interpretation has opened up a new page, created to host a project of contrastive nature Italian / Spanish, which is framed in the EHEA, as a result of the collaboration of the UA with Italian universities, UNISOB and UNISA.


The project has two distinct and, in turn, clearly interconnected aspects. Thus, Teletandem is geared towards the exercise of Italian/Spanish and Spanish/Italian oral interaction between a native speaker and not native  while CORINEI (Oral Corpus of interlanguage Spanish and Italian) collects the dyadic talks produced in this activity.

Conference: Terrorism yesterday and today: the folly of the Red Army faction in Germany in the 1970s


Thursday, May 14, from 10 to 14 h - Aula Magna of philosophy and letters
All the speeches with simultaneous interpretation German - Spanish
Organization: Juan-Norbert Cubarsi Elfering - Department of translation and interpretation.


The event will be broadcast live online at the following link:


Poster in German

More information



On 14 may from 9.30 h to 13.30 h. held the exhibition of masters of the Faculty of philosophy and letters, in the Salón de grados of the faculty.

Will discuss the master's institutional translation from 13 h to 13:30 h.

In the afternoon there will be a cycle of conferences on professional translation, legal translation and translation for NGOs in the aula magna, 16 to 18, in charge of Verónica Román (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Lourdes Yagüe (translator) and Ana Muñoz (translator).



Ubicación de la Secretaría de Traducción e Interpretación

Os informamos que la Secretaría del Departamento de Traducción e Interpretación queda ubicada en el Laboratorio 2 despacho de Asociados, y en el antiguo despacho, queda ubicado el profesor Juan Miguel Ortega.

El código SIUA de la Secretaría es 0020PB029

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