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Department of Translation and Interpreting


Professor Catalina Iliescu, of the department of Translation and Interpretation of the University of Alicante in the European Parliament




The professor Catalina Iliescu in the European Parliament invited by the Government of Romania.


On 7 June to the 12.30 took place in the European Parliament a debate on the identity rumana with reason of the Day of the Rumanos of Allende the Borders, organised by the Ministry homónimo in collaboration with the European Parliament and favoured by the social parliamentary group-democrat. The debate was moderated by the Euro-deputy VIORICA DANCILA, Vice-president of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development and member of the Committee for the Rights of the Women and Equality.


The intervention of the Dr. Iliescu centred in the importance of the tongue in the construction of the identity diaspórica in the case of the population rumana resident in Spain and in the fundamental paper of the UA in the transmission of this legacy, through projects funded by the Government of Romania like TRAUTOROM (the first automatic translator Romanian-Spanish) developed by the professors Mikel Forcada and Delia Prodan, THE SCHOOL OF ROMANIAN FOR THE SECOND GENERATION OF MIGRANTES that, from the Headquarters Ciutat d'Alicante, carries more than a decade preserving the tongue and traditions rumanas, as well as the bet of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters by the Romanian like Tongue D in the degree of Translation and Interpretation.


In the debate took part ANDREEA PASTÎRNAC, Minister for the Rumanos of Allende the Borders, LUMINITA ODOBESCU, Ambassador of the Permanent Representation of Romania in front of the EU and LILIANA TUROIU, President of the Cultural Institute Romanian.

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III international Congress of economic translation, commercial, financial and institutional

Sending of proposals: 31 October 2017

Notification of acceptance: 15 December 2017

Registration: from 9 January 2018

Congress: 27-29 June 2018


Date: 11 May 2017

Schedule: of 12:00 to 20:00 h.

Place: Hall of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters and Classroom Magna


Translation and quality in the sector of the automotion.

Conference to charge of Javier Aniorte López. Translator and terminólogo in the central headquarters of Wolkswagen (Wolfsburgo, Germany)


Tuesday, 9 May 2017. 17:30 hours

Classroom Magna of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters


Talk-colloquium with Roberto Gracia: The professional world of the translation and interpretation to European level
Place:  Living room of Acts, Empower Philosophy and Letters, Building C
Hour:  Monday, 10 April, 2017   of 17 - 19 hours
Céline Steffen. Seminaro On juridical Organisms compared (French and Spanish)

Wednesday 22 March 2017.

Classroom: CI/INF1.

Hour: 15:00-17:00

The Shoa and the Trials of Núremberg: victims, hangmen, mediators and mediators


29 And 30 March 2017

Place: Living room of Degrees, Classroom Magna

Faculty of Philosophy and Letters

Coffee-Social gathering for opportunities of employment of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters: Translation and Interpretation and Translation Instucional



Actividad de inserción laboral para alumnos de 4º curso

Café-tertulia con egresados en Traducción e Interpretación.



El próximo miércoles 15 de marzo tendrá lugar el café-tertulia con egresados en Traducción e Interpretación. Se trata de una actividad destinada fundamentalmente a los alumnos de 4º (de cualquier lengua B) y del Máster en Traducción Institucional que se enmarca dentro de las iniciativas sobre inserción laboral que estamos llevando a cabo en la facultad . El objetivo ha sido reunir a licenciados y egresados en TeI de la UA para que nos cuenten cuál ha sido su trayectoria en ámbitos muy diversos, lo que da muestra del perfil tan versátil que tienen nuestros titulados. Esta versatilidad facilita su inserción en diferentes ámbitos relacionados con los idiomas en sentido amplio. En esa ocasión vamos a contar con profesionales que trabajan en el ámbito editorial, la traducción, el comercio exterior, la enseñanza, la lingüística computacional y el sector de la banca. 

No faltéis: miércoles 15 de marzo de 12 a 14 en el CeMab de Filosofía y Letras. El café lo ponemos nosotros.


8th Conference on Dubbing and Subtitling


The Department of English Studies and the Deparment of Translation and Interpreting at the University of Alicante are holding on March 1-3, 2017 the 8th Conference on Dubbing and Subtitling within a context where the theoretical and professional development of screen translation is expanding to fields such as accessibility, video-games or theatre, besides the customary areas of dubbing and subtitling for cinema and television. In addition to this, in the scope of language teaching and learning, the use of the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has become widely relevant, and translation applied for dubbing or subtitling is nowadays a common tool for the development of language skills.

On the other hand, the need to integrate an intercultural knowledge in translation also affects the audiovisual context, which foregrounds different issues that configure the development of an intercultural awareness: gender, stereotyping, etc.



Day of Translation and technical for the professional survival




Day 13 February 08:30 to 18:00
Classroom Magna

Conference of the writer Traian Dobrinescu in the UA 2016


16 December 2016 to the 17:00 hours

Classroom Magna. Faculty of Philosophy and Letters.


It will give a conference on THE JOB TO WRITE IN THE ROMANIA OF THE 21st century and will participate in the presentation of the

 nº 11 de Quaderns de Cine (número monográfico dedicado a la filmografía rumana actual).



Rafael Altamira, juez en el Tribunal Permanente de Justicia Internacional.

Un nuevo enfoque desde el Derecho y la Interpretación judicial


12 December 2016

Salón de Grados, School of Law



Organisers: Departmental area of History of Law and Department of Translation and Interpretation Studies

Co-directors: Mª Magdalena Martínez Almira (PhD) and Juan Miguel Ortega Herráez (PhD)



In the 150 anniversary of the birth of Rafael Altamira and Crevea, the Departmental Area of History of Law and the Department of Translation and Interpretation Studies have organised a Seminar to analyse his prominent figure and provide an updated approach to his role as judge of the Permanent Court of International Justice, between 1921 and 1930. The Seminar will provide an overview, from a legal and linguistic standpoint, of Altamira's integration in that international court, as well as the evolution and role that interpreting plays in international courts.


Main activities planned:


Altamira en el proceso ideológico del Tribunal o Altamira como Juez del TPJI. Prof. Yolanda Gamarra Chopo (PhD) (Universidad de Zaragoza).

La Interpretación en Tribunales Internacionales. Proceso de evolución de la justicia internacional: de los Estados a los particulares. Porf. Jesús Baigorri Jalón (PhD) (Universidad de Salamanca)

Documentary about Rafael Altamira. Presenter: Dª. Pilar Altamira.

Round table


Form of registration


Exposición Bibliográfica "Rafael Altamira, juez en el Tribunal Permanente de Justicia Internacional"




It informs to the students of ITALIAN, of the professor Carmen González, that the classes will restore next Monday 17, with the professor Angela Walls


9, 10, 11 November 2016

New tendencies in translation and interpretation



The meaning is dark and full of terrors


26-27 September 2016

Classroom Magna

Faculty Philosophy and Letters

Building Geography


The Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the local administrative centre of Osnabrück (Low Sajonia) offers squares of practices (Erasmus+) for a student of the faculty. The length of said practical will be from among two and three months.

Conferences May 2016

May, 2016 - Conferences sobreTraducción and Interpretation

Monday, 16 May (16 h.)
"Interpret in contexts of violence of gender"
Dr. Maribel of the Pozo (Univ. Of Vigo). Classroom Magna of the Faculty

Tuesday, 17 May (16 h.)
"The audiovisual translation: challenges and professional challenges"
Dr. Rosa Agost (Univ. Jaume I).
Classroom Magna of the Faculty

III Day Romania

Date: 3 May 2016

Schedule: of 12:00 to 20:00

Place: hall of the Faculty of Letters II (Geography)





In the web space of the Department of translation and interpretation has opened up a new page, created to host a project of contrastive nature Italian / Spanish, which is framed in the EHEA, as a result of the collaboration of the UA with Italian universities, UNISOB and UNISA.


The project has two distinct and, in turn, clearly interconnected aspects. Thus, Teletandem is geared towards the exercise of Italian/Spanish and Spanish/Italian oral interaction between a native speaker and not native  while CORINEI (Oral Corpus of interlanguage Spanish and Italian) collects the dyadic talks produced in this activity.

Ubicación de la Secretaría de Traducción e Interpretación

Os informamos que la Secretaría del Departamento de Traducción e Interpretación queda ubicada en el Laboratorio 2 despacho de Asociados, y en el antiguo despacho, queda ubicado el profesor Juan Miguel Ortega.

El código SIUA de la Secretaría es 0020PB029

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