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    The field IMPACT includes the publications that, to the best of our knowledge, quote the text described in each entry.
    It provides information about how many times at least a given publication has been cited and it enables the user to reduce any search to those publications that have been cited a certain number of times. Thus, if we wish to see only those publications that have been cited ten times at least, we will only have to type "10i" in the Impact window.
    This field was incorporated into the database in October 2007. At that point, the bibliography already comprised about 33,000 entries and the sheer size of the project had created a new problem for the user: how to establish priorities in the reading of the bibliographical sources when there could be hundreds, or even thousands of results, in any search.
    Furthermore, as BITRA already comprised a good part of everything published on translation and interpreting, it seemed to be the ideal medium to help researchers and academic authorities in their attempt to assess the impact of publications. In our interdiscipline, this could only be done in an impressionistic way, even though it is one of the most important criteria in competitive examinations and in assessing research in general.
    For these reasons, we decided that the time had come for BITRA to add a new feature to serve the academic community, by means of a field comprising the quotations of each publication described. And we wanted to do it in an open way that would allow researchers and any other interested party to use it according to various criteria.
    In the selection process for “mining” impact, BITRA follows two main guidelines. First, since October 2007 we have tried to include the maximum diversity of sources. Second, those publications which are quoted most often are the ones we will try to mine in the first phase of the process.

     Here you can access the 2014 report on the mining process of citations as of 30 December, 2015, with 64027 entries in BITRA and 6241 of them mined for their citations.
     Here you can access a list of authors used as citing sources as of 30 December, 2015.
    Apart from numerous books, chapters and articles from many journals, as of now we have already systematically mined the citations included in the following journals from year 2000 (always depending on their availability):

Across Languages and Cultures (Hungary)
Babel (Netherlands)
Cadernos de Tradução (Brazil)
Interpreting (Netherlands)
InTRAlinea (Italy)
Jostrans (United Kingdom)
Meta (Canada)
MonTI (Spain)
New Voices in Translation Studies (Ireland & IATIS)
Parallèles (Switzerland) (Since its electronic version, in 2013)
Target (Netherlands)
The Interpreter and Translator Trainer (United Kingdom)
The Translator (United Kingdom)
Trans-Kom (Germany)
Translation & Interpreting (Australia)
TTR (Canada)

    Finally, it is important to make three points about this field in BITRA:
    1) Unlike the agents who work out the impact factors of academic journals, a yardstick we behold with important reservations, BITRA aims to comprise every mention of publications in our interdiscipline, not discriminating against any source (books and chapters are included as sources for impact) except for the obvious exclusion of self-quotations. With only this proviso, we include any mention or review of any publication in translation or interpreting which we know of. We think that it should be the users who distinguish, if they are so inclined, the relative importance of the quotations. Thus, BITRA wishes to act as an indiscriminate platform.
    2) As with any other database, although this one is updated monthly, BITRA does not nor will it ever include all existing reviews and quotations. The information contained in the field Impact can only be considered as indicative.
    3) It is essential for the correct understanding of the rationale of this field that “impact” not be mistaken for “quality”. Indeed, it is perfectly possible that for various reasons, such as language used, treatment of a local subject, publishing distribution or geopolitical origins, an excellent publication may have few or no quotations, or that, in spite of multiple quotations, these do not reach BITRA. Likewise, it is perfectly possible that a poor or merely popularizing publication may be massively quoted. Thus, it is necessary to stress that Impact is just what its name suggests it is - a reflection of the impact or popularity of publications, and not any kind of quality rating, especially in the case of scarcely cited publications.

    The CITID field shows whether the impact of each entry has already been mined. If so, there will be an ID number ending in “cit” and followed by “Ok” (e.g. 18cit. Ok., or 293cit. Ok.) In case a given entry does not cite any other publication dealing with Translation Studies (TS), except, possibly, other works by the citing author, the text will be “0Q”, i.e. zero quotations. In case it is a collective work which normally does not include quotations, the text will be N/A, i.e. “Non applicable”. By combining these three labels, it is easy to calculate how many publications have been mined in BITRA and the results thereof.
    For instance, in order to know how many and which citing publications have already been mined for impact, it is enough to type in the string “Ok” on a CITID search window. Whereas to know how many and which TS publications do not cite any other TS author, it is enough to type in the string “0Q” on CITID.
    To gain access to a list including all the TS publications cited by a given publication, you only need to type in the ID number of that publication (the one ending in cit) on an IMPACT search window, whereas it is enough to type in an author’s name on IMPACT to know her/his influences. By applying logic, it is possible to perform all kind of impact-related searching.

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