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Department of Translation and Interpreting - News published in March 2016

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News published in March 2016
  • Friday, 25
  • Lucentino header


    9, 10, 11 November 2016

    New tendencies in translation and interpretation

  • Thursday, 3
  • ATD Fourth World

    ATD FOURTH WORLD. NGO of world-wide presence and of French origin

    Presentation of the objective organisation, history and way of work.

    The paper of the translation in an organisation as ours.

    The aim: present the organisation and do a call to translators and
    Voluntary translators, at the same time contribute something to the students and students.

    To ATD would like him sign an agreement of practices.


    3 ATD Cuarto Mundo

    Day 10 March 2016

    Place: Living room of degrees Empower Philosophy and Letters

    Schedule of 15:30 to 16:30


  • Wednesday, 2
  • Pablo Senís






    Pablo Senís Fernández

    Translator of the UN (New York)


    Day: Thursday, 17 March 2016

    Hour: 18.30 hours

    Place: Classroom Magna. Faculty of Philosophy and Letters (University of Alicante)

    Link to follow the transmission of the conference in direct:

    In his conference, Pablo Senís will speak us, between other questions, of:
    The Service of Translation to the Spanish of the United Nations: headquarters, composition and types of documents. The translation in the Service: functions and professional evolution. Modality of work: norms, references, terminology and tools. Website of the Service (norms, announcements, vacancies). Incorporation to the Service: profile of the translator and contest (examination written and oral interview). New translators: initial qualification and period of proofs.
    On the other hand, Pablo Senís will speak us likewise of the examination of access to the services of translation of the UN, that will take place this summer and that organises the headquarters of New York.
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