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Department of Translation and Interpreting - News published in June 2017

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News published in June 2017
  • Monday, 26
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    Professor Catalina Iliescu, of the department of Translation and Interpretation of the University of Alicante in the European Parliament




    The professor Catalina Iliescu in the European Parliament invited by the Government of Romania.


    On 7 June to the 12.30 took place in the European Parliament a debate on the identity rumana with reason of the Day of the Rumanos of Allende the Borders, organised by the Ministry homónimo in collaboration with the European Parliament and favoured by the social parliamentary group-democrat. The debate was moderated by the Euro-deputy VIORICA DANCILA, Vice-president of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development and member of the Committee for the Rights of the Women and Equality.


    The intervention of the Dr. Iliescu centred in the importance of the tongue in the construction of the identity diaspórica in the case of the population rumana resident in Spain and in the fundamental paper of the UA in the transmission of this legacy, through projects funded by the Government of Romania like TRAUTOROM (the first automatic translator Romanian-Spanish) developed by the professors Mikel Forcada and Delia Prodan, THE SCHOOL OF ROMANIAN FOR THE SECOND GENERATION OF MIGRANTES that, from the Headquarters Ciutat d'Alicante, carries more than a decade preserving the tongue and traditions rumanas, as well as the bet of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters by the Romanian like Tongue D in the degree of Translation and Interpretation.


    In the debate took part ANDREEA PASTÎRNAC, Minister for the Rumanos of Allende the Borders, LUMINITA ODOBESCU, Ambassador of the Permanent Representation of Romania in front of the EU and LILIANA TUROIU, President of the Cultural Institute Romanian.

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