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  1. Lexicographical portals
  2. Generalistas Monolingual and bilingual
  3. Dictionaries of doubts
  4. Visual dictionaries
  5. Doctors
  6. Juridical and economic
  7. Polytechnical and other skilled


Lexicographical portals
Wordreference Is a portal that gives access to crowd of bilingual dictionaries in crowd of languages. An additional advantage of this web are the forums of query, with a big activity.
It offers an extensive index of links to dictionaries and monolingual skilled glossaries and multilingual accessible through Internet.
Directory in English, French and Italian with more than 2.000 connections to different dictionaries and bilingual and multilingual glossaries. Especially thought for linguists, translators and interpreters.
This web has indexados a big number of dictionaries of all type, general and skilled.

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Generalistas Monolingual and bilingual

Page of the Royal Spanish Academy, with access to the Dictionary of the Spanish language (DRAE) and to the Dictionary panhispánico of doubts , as well as to other linguistic resources (spelling, grammar...).
This Russian page allows to consult the edition, seems that of 1998, of the Dictionary María Moliner and the Collins Cobuild , this last very useful to draft in English like second language. María Molner also can consult taking advantage of the subscription of the University of Alicante from any computer connected to the network of said university.
Kalipedia Is a web of Santillana with a dictionary monolingue in Spanish, another of synonymous in Spanish  and two bilingúes English-Spanish and French-Spanish.

The portal of the Institute of the German tongue of Mannheim (Institut für Deutsche Sprache) collects glossaries and all type of relative information to the good use of the German tongue (new spelling, grammar, etc.). Very recommended.
This German bilingual dictionary-Spanish offers morphological information (gender in both tongues and training of plural in German), in addition to the most common placings of each term and some sentence done. The same page also contains German bilingual dictionaries-English, German-French, German-Italian and German- Polish.
The publisher Langenscheidt offers here dictionaries on line with the combination of the German together with the Spanish, English, French or Turkish. It allows to consult of free form dictionaries with distinct linguistic combinations, always including the German like one of them: German-Spanish/Spanish-German, German-English/English-German, German-French/French-German, German-Russian/Russian-German, German-Italian/Italian-German, German-Chinese/Chinese-German.

The Big Dictionary of the Catalan Tongue is, probably, the most complete of which can find in the market. It contains around 83.500 entrances (included the 67.500 entrances of the dictionary of the Institute of Catalan Studies) and 20.650 subentradas (locuciones, sentences done, etc.)


The publisher Larousse allows to consult gratuitamente 21 dictionaries on line to consult on line: from his monolingual dictionary French until bilingual dictionaries of different combinations (French-English, Spanish-French, Spanish-German, French-Arab, etc.).
TV5, in his afán for boosting the francofonía, puts to disposal of the different public dictionaries of French: monolingual, synonymous, conjugations, style, English-French.
Termium Plus is the bank of terminological and linguistic data of the Government of Canada. It offers free access to almost 4 million terms in English and French, and more than 200 000 terms in Spanish.
Access to the electronic version of the Trésor of the Langue Française . It offers exhaustive information for each entrance and, besides, allows researches phonetics and of locuciones.


Webster's Third New International Dictionary And Oxford English Dictionary (OED)
These two dictionaries, probably the best monolingual in English tongue, are in Internet in modality of payment. Thanks to the subscription of our library, can access to them gratuitamente with any computer connected to the network of the University of Alicante.
This page contains the Collegiate and the Thesaurus of Merriam-Webster. Both are two manuals of reference in English very good (although no enormously exhaustive) and, probably, the best in monolingual English that can find free in the network. Also there are bonds to other dictionaries.
This Russian page allows to consult the Collins Cobuild , very useful to draft in English like second language.
Termium Plus is the bank of terminological and linguistic data of the Government of Canada. It offers free access to almost 4 million terms in English and French, and more than 200 000 terms in Spanish.

Il Big Dizionario Italian contains around 200.000 entrances and includes synonymous and antonyms etymology, conjugations of irregular verbs, etc. Although the query is free, is necessary to register.
This dictionary of Polish tongue contains around 100 000 entrances. From the same page can access to an orthographical dictionary and to a quite complete encyclopaedia.
The Slovar Ushakova is one of the monolingual dictionaries of Russian tongue more complete of the network.
One of the few dictionaries of available Chinese in Internet.


Dictionaries of doubts
The Dictionary Panhispánico of Doubts is sponsored by SCRAPES it and, according to his own words, treats of a "work in which it gives answer, from the point of view of the current literate norm, to the linguistic doubts more usual (orthographical, lexical and grammatical) that poses the use of the Spanish."
Version quite complete of The book of style of El País . Very practical and includes crowd of problematic proper names.
Inside the page of Kalipedia, of Santillana, finds the Dictionary of doubts of the Spanish language , that seems to complete enough very lagunas of the sponsored by SCRAPES it.
The Fundéu (Foundation of the Urgent Spanish) provides us another repertoire of doubts commented. Probably his greater interest regarding the others two was the importance given to the proper names and to the acronyms.

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Visual dictionaries
To prestigious publisher Merriam Webster publishes in Internet a visual dictionary very interesting in which they can do researches by thematic area and by keyword (tool of research of Google). Only in English.

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